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About Lorenzo's Market
The Lorenzo brothers--John, Jeff, and Dave--own and operate Lorenzo's Town and Country Market in the town of Winters, California. Over the last 70 years, the Lorenzo Family has succeeded in providing top-quality products, low prices and excellent service to the people of Winters and its outlying areas. Treat yourself to a truly great shopping experience at Lorenzo's Town and Country Market!
John Lorenzo opens the California Market on First Street in Winters. It was Winters' first modern supermarket complete with fresh meat, fish, and vegetables all under one roof.
Al Lorenzo (John's son), opens the New California Market at 111 Main Street. It is 3 times larger than the old store and features state of the art refrigeration units.
In March of 1989 Al and his sons--John, Jeff, and David Lorenzo purchase the existing Town & Country Market They then relocate the old California Market to the larger, modern location at 121 E Grant Avenue (The Gateway to Winters). The new name is Lorenzo's Town & Country Market.
In 2004 the Lorenzo brothers complete a major remodel with the purchase of energy efficient cases, new shelving, and a new décor.